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I’m still alive, I promise… December 15, 2008

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Hello, dear readers!

I just wanted to assure all of you that no, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

First of all, my not-so-fabulous digital camera up and died on me, so I’ve been left with no way to take pictures of what I’ve been cooking.  And I’m firmly of the belief that if there’s no pictures, it’s not worth posting.  Second of all, final exams are fully upon us, and I’ve barely had time to shove something in the microwave, let alone cook creatively.  Let me tell you, pharm school finals are intense.

But, the good news is that I will be home on break starting this Thursday, and not only will I have time to cook, I’ll also have access to my mom’s super fabulous camera!  (Can you tell I’m a little excited?)

I should be back to posting very soon!  Until then, let me leave you with this fun, slightly food-related tidbit, brought to you by my Biochemistry professor:

Fun Pharm School Fact #1

Feeling less than your best after a night of  too much yuletide fun?  Don’t take Tylenol to cure your headache!

When you drink alcohol, it is processed in your liver.  During this processing, it causes a change in the enzymes that normally break down acetaminophen, which is the active ingredient in Tylenol.  Instead of breaking down acetaminophen normally, the changed enzymes actually form a compound that can cause liver toxicity.  And if you’re feeling that bad after last night, your liver doesn’t need any more problems!

Solution?  Take Motrin or Advil instead.  These contain ibuprofen instead of acetaminophen, which will not cause liver toxicity after drinking.  This counts for taking painkillers immediately before and while you’re drinking, too.


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